• “Our first DeBruycker horse came to us pretty much by accident about twenty years ago. We lived a state away and had no knowledge of the DeBruyckers or their horses. This particular gelding was so outstanding that I researched his breeding and found the DeBruyckers. Being a horseman of some experience I assumed that our horse was a special individual unlikely to be replicated. Nonetheless I contacted the DeBruyckers and began buying young horses from them. Over the years we probably had about twenty of their horses. These horses consistently satisfied us. DeBruycker horses were smart, easy to start, solidly built, and uniformly ALL DAY TOUGH. Our family historically trained our own horses, starting colts and keeping a small percentage that suited us. After a number of years half of the horses that were on our A-team were from the DeBruyckers program. The Greens were so lucky to have come to know these people and have had amazing horses they bred. They have been so honest and dedicated to producing a very special product. I recommend them unconditionally and welcome anyone to contact me personally to discuss further.” Dr. Jay Green, DVM, Belt, MT

  • “I was very happy with my experience with the DeBruyckers. Nels was kind enough to drive us all over the ranch and show us all the foals. I ended up buying a two year old filly (NLD BeeCee Sissy). I couldn’t be more happy with her. She’s turned out to be an amazing all around horse. She’s a top notch barrel, pole and head horse and you can throw the kids on her. I would love another one!!” – Crystal Tayler, Grass Range, MT

  • "We are so very appreciative of the courtesy, honesty and integrity of the DeBruycker family. We purchased 2 weanlings thru their website sight unseen other than a web picture. They wintered these colts to make sure they learned how to survive and knew how to care for themselves through a harsh Montana winter. They were brought back to the ranch in late spring and ready for us to pick up. Our word was good enough for them when we said we would take them last fall. Although not fit like a halter horse would look like, they were everything Mr. DeBruycker said they would be. I wanted them because of their breeding, soundness and ability to survive the "storm." They are now solid 2-year olds and they will knock your socks off!! They are some fine horseflesh I tell ya. I recommend anyone in the market for a solid breeding program that produces outstanding ranch/rope/using horses to look at their program. I wasn't disappointed and you won't either." Dale and Pris Crites, Mulhall, Oklahoma 

  • “Honest, trustworthy people. Good, solid, dependable horses.” – Justin Warneke, Great Falls, MT

  • "When I bought my first horse from you I was looking for a young horse that had been exposed to the real world: creeks, coyotes, coulees, other cayuses and that had had the chance to learn how to be a horse without being spoiled in a backyard setting. Buying horses from you has been fun, educational and leaves me feeling good. Over the last decade I have bought three horses from you and received a "bonus" horse too. I appreciate the time you spend with me when I come to visit and I love driving around to the various pastures admiring your horses. Your memory for pedigree is impressive and I should take notes next time I visit because I can never quite remember the depth of detail you share. I appreciate that you and your sons ride these horses so that you can tell me what to expect from the studs and the mares when I am looking for a certain type of disposition. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending your horses to my friends because you are forthcoming about any potential faults a horse may have and I have felt more than fairly treated in every deal we have made. A horseman that I deeply admire once told me that if a deal isn't good for everybody then it isn't good for anybody. I live by this and it is obvious from your actions that you do too. I look forward to our next visit and to my fifth (and sixth, and seventh) DeBruycker ranch raised horse." - Allison Kolbe, White Sulphur Springs, MT

  • “Many years veterinarian of DeBruycker Quarter Horses. These horses are good natured, intelligent, conformationally correct, good boned, sturdy but pretty, cowy, tidy on their feet, sound and healthy. Good to be around, the horses and the people.” Dr. Robert P Lee, DVM, Choteau, MT

  • “Both of my horses carry the DeBruycker brand. Not only are they physically sound, they both have gentle dispositions. I use them in the roping arena, branding pen, leading a string of mules and they both perform well at every task I ask them to do.” Tim Love – Augusta MT

  • "The DeBruyckers are great to do business with and have always honestly represented their horses to us. We have always been very happy with the quality of the horses we have bought. We look forward to doing business with them in the future." James and Kimberly McBryant, Chugwater WY 

  • "Quality horses from quality people. Between my mom my husband and I we’ve bought 7 horses from them and I cannot say enough good things, the most honest people with an extraordinary set of quality ranch raised quarter horses. They know their horses thru and through, and will tell each one’s strengths and weaknesses as honest as anyone could. The horses speak for themselves as some of the best put together and gentle minded creatures I’ve had the pleasure to be around. This is THE place to go to get an honest all around beautiful horse from some the nicest people in the horse business. We love NLD horses!" Kirk & Katie St Clair ColFax Washington