About Us

Welcome to DeBruycker Quarter Horses. We would like to thank you for your interest in our program.

Our ranch is a family operation, consisting of Nels, Lorraine, Amanda, Raymond, Adam, and Owen. We are a cow/calf, hay, grain, and horse operation. We are located in north central Montana, along the Rocky Mountain Front.

Our horse program started in 1980, raising Hancock and Hancock cross horses for our own use on the ranch. In 1996 we began to add Driftwood and Driftwood cross horses to our program. As we are always searching for the next great cross to improve the next generation without sacrificing our foundation. Around 2005 we began adding Leo and Oklahoma Star to our program. 

Today we maintain the Hancock/Driftwood cross and Leo/Oklahoma Star cross both individually and together to produce a versatile, all around Quarter Horse that we need here on our ranch and to provide the greatest value for our customers.

From 1989-2005 we held a production sale every other October, and some day we may go back to that format. However, in the meantime we will be selling good using and breeding horses from home, private treaty. We offer multiple horse discounts and buyer referral discounts as well.

We welcome phone calls, e-mails, and any interest you might have in our horses.

Thanks again,
The DeBruyckers

About Our Bloodlines

The Hancock line of horses began around 1923, with the birth of Joe Hancock. Joe himself was a hard horse to beat on the track as he had a world of speed and unbelivable acceleration. He passed his speed onto his offspring along with his heavy bone, good disposition, durability, and cow sense. It has been said that Joe Hancock is one of the greatest rope horse sires of all time.

We concentrate our Hancock blood by crossing many of the great Hancock lines such as: Red Man, Roan Hancock, Buck Hancock, Baldy Joe, & War Chief.

Driftwood, who foaled in 1932, was a great match-race horse and is best remembered as a sire of outstanding performance horses. Although he was a great rope horse and sire, many of his finest offspring came when he was crossed with King, Lucky Blanton, or Hancock bred mares.

We intend to breed our Hancock and Hancock- King bred mares with our Driftwood stallions and continue this time tested cross.

Leo foaled in 1940, he first came to fame as a sprint horse. Later he became the sire to AAA race horses, performance horses, and halter horses. He is known as one of the greatest brood mare producers in the AQHA. The disposition, trainability, and durability of Leo bred horses is still sought after today. 

Our Leo breed horses focus on the likes of Lonsum Tiger, Tiger Leo, Leos Question, Rondo Leo, Mr Gun Smoke, and others.

Oklahoma Star foaled in 1915, although it was over a hundred years ago, he can still be found multiple times in our horses' pedigrees. Even though Oklahoma Star was born twenty five years before the AQHA was formed, his bloodlines can be found in many of the AQHA legends of racing and performance horses in the breed. Not an easy task, but we continue to look and infuse as much Oklahoma Star blood into our horses.